Need a tow? Tri-city Towing is the one stop shop for all your towing needs! We have 7 trucks that are on call to provide you with the services you need! We can tow heavy, medium, and light duty vehicles. Tri-city understands the stress of being broke down on the road, and will be there fast to get the job done as quick and professional as possible.

Did you know you have to take a class to get lock out certified? Well we do and all of are drivers go to this class every year and practice there lock out skills. So we can provide damage free lockouts with the fastest lockout service possible.

Tri-city Towing does not only have the areas biggest tow truck, we also hold the most heavy duty certifications. Our heavy drivers are trained very extensively on heavy duty towing and recovery so we can provide the best service possible. We have decades of experience hauling heavy tractor trailers, dump trucks, and cement trucks.

Roadside assistance is a very stressful situation but we can help, with are help we can get you off the road, your dog out of your car, or jump-start your car to get you home. We do all roadside service and will provide the fastest and safe job we can.

Tri-city Towing has been recognized many times for are outstanding recovery’s. With training in aircraft, motorcycle, heavy-duty, boats, and automobiles, we can get your car out of any situation at any time. With multiple 4×4 tow trucks we can even get your vehicles out of any off-road terrain. With 32+ years of experience in the recovery and towing side we can get you out of about any situation.

Tri-city towing has come up with the newest way to move containers/shed. We can move any container/shed you have and put anywhere practical you would like!

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How to share with just friends.

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If you are in need of a service that isn’t listed please contact us and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. We have a variety of capabilities to deal with unique situations.